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Don't lose sleep over compliance requirements

Staying compliant was never easier

Drivers like cloud and mobility have made data more distributed than ever before, weakening the level of control enterprises traditionally have had over their data assets.  On top of that, businesses live with tough regulations where they are held accountable for data losses, and citizens can demand data erasure.  In such an environment, enterprises need reliable solutions that can keep their data protected and also ensure privacy of their data in the cloud.  Regulations like GDPR, SoX, HIPPA all require organizations to store data for a stipulated period of time and in a secure manner to prove compliance.  So, what is you plan to prove compliance?

Backup that helps you stay compliant

Not just safe but compliant data protection

Regulation isn’t new.  But regulations around the world seem to change all the time, and every so often, new regulatory requirements pop up.  Thankfully though, most regulations ask for the same basic compliances and if you are regulatorily compliant with one regulation, you’re likely to have little trouble complying with others.   Protecting data you have though is a universal underpinning of almost all regulation and a data backup is something all regulations expect you do. 

BluVault for your compliance needs

Right to be Forgotten

According to major regulatory compliances, every user on your database has a right to be forgotten. BluVault’s  Administrator Approved Deletion allows deletion of specific user files and folders from the organization’s backup storage

Enforcing Data Locality

Comply with regulatory requirements that need data in specific geographic localities to be preserved within their boundaries. Parablu’s data locality feature can constrain user backups to be streamed only to specifically allowed destinations.

Encryption For Compliance

Parablu uses strong encryption with strict enforcement of Segregation of Duties that ensures that the Data Controller (the customer) can control the encryption process and the keys. This puts customers on a much more defensible platform from a regulatory compliance standpoint.

Parablu Advantage

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve Regulatory Compliance by retaining data for the required time periods, and produce reports to show audit teams evidence of compliance. Flexible policies allow you to configure retention and control how long older emails need to be preserved. You can also use the Legal Hold feature to extend retention indefinitely for specific users.

Defend against Malicious deletion

Having a scheduled backup run multiple times a day means that you have the latest copy of all user data in our searchable vault. Never worry about a malicious deletion by a disgruntled employee, or someone causing damage before leaving your organization. BluVault has you covered.

eDiscovery friendly search and recovery

Search and restore data with just a few mouse clicks. BluVault’s friendly web interface allows you to view files and emails in a familiar which looks like Windows File Explorer or Microsoft Outlook. – along with preview. Simply click and download what you need 

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