BluVault for Endpoint Backup

On-premise Backup Solution

Simplify endpoint backups with an On-premise backup solution

BluVault for Endpoint Backup

On-premise Backup Solution

Simplify endpoint backups with an On-premise backup solution

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Backups using On-premise infrastructure simplified

In some highly-regulated sectors such as finance and healthcare, on-premise backup is required for compliance reasons. Having data located in-house the company can have all the control over how they store and manage their data, and it also provides data security teams a feeling of peace of mind.

BluVault On-premise Backup solution is a powerful and secure data backup solution to safeguard all your endpoint data on your on-premise storage and get complete assurance of higher data security. BluVault’s secure and automated backups with flexibility to choose from media types such as external hard drives, Network Attached Storage (NAS), backup appliances, and object storage devices as your backup target can offer a robust backup solution that your organization needs to eliminate all possible data loss instances and be compliant.

Modernize your Backup and Recovery

BluVault OnPremise Compliance-01

Keep IT Compliant

BluVault On-premise Backup helps enterprises address data security, storage, and retention requirements for regulations like SOX, HIPAA, GDPR through comprehensive backups. In-built reports and auditable trails also help in being prepared during regulatory audits and requests.

BluVault OnPremise Compliance-01

Automated with policies

Utilize modern endpoint backup and restore capabilities using policies to centrally manage and control all aspects of backup/restore activities. All these, while still maintaining On-premise benefits such as easy execution, higher accessibility, with lower latency.

BluVault OnPremise Compliance-01

Transparent monitoring and management

Centralized activity monitoring and management become efficient with reports complemented by automated alerts. It ensures that backups are always on track and any anomalies are detected for quick resolutions.

A Quick Overview of Parablu’s On-premise Backup Solution

BluVault On-premise backup is an enterprise-grade endpoint backup solution. It works with On-premise disk arrays that give complete control over the storage and management of the business-critical data. With BluVault On-premise backup is made easy.
Parablu BaaS Flow

Watertec strengthens data protection strategy with Parablu’s BluVault

Watertec achieved backups and restores efficiencies and higher data security without having to use the cloud.

BluVault On-premise Backup Key Features

Any file, any folder

No restrictions on folders and files types for backups. BluVault makes secondary copies of files to your storage target, no matter where they live on the endpoint. Specify folders to exclude or include during backups and even locked files such as PST files are backed up seamlessly.

Policy-based management

Policy-based management for IT administrator to remotely control all backup and restore activities. Use the centralized console and a wide array of configurable backup policies to set up user management, backup scheduling, file/folder selections (or exclusions).

Enterprise audit trail

All critical touchpoints on the system get recorded, time-stamped and audited automatically. BluVault’s centralized web console offers a one-stop view through a dashboard and ready, schedulable reports that cover granular details of all activity.

Network bandwidth optimization

Utilize cost-sensitive features focused on optimizing network usage during backups and restores. Control data flow based on network availability with network throttling to limit the usage of your valuable bandwidth.

De-duplication and compression

Smart, variable-length block-level de-duplication at source, combined with data compression saves not just network bandwidth, but valuable storage space.


Administrator approved deletion

Allows an administrator to delete specific user files and folders from backup storage. Critical for GDPR compliance and to satisfy users’ “right to be forgotten”. Administrative delete actions are audit-logged for compliance reasons.

Hedge against full disk encryption

BluVault ensures comprehensive backups from endpoint to choice of cloud storage that eliminates the risk of data loss due to forgotten passwords or any malfunctioning of the Full Disk Encryption software.

Mass deployment

The BluVault agent can be distributed easily to endpoints using mass deployment methods such as Microsoft SCCM, Active Directory Group policies, and Microsoft InTune. The agent is also compatible with several third-party mass deployment tools.

Delegated administration 

Administrative roles with limited permissions can be assigned to selected users to allow them to perform specific administrative operations on a select set of Servers. Delegate administration based on departments, remote offices, subsidiaries – any way you wish.

Centralized management

 Utilize a browser-based, centralized management console for data protection operations, across all registered users and devices.

Litigation Hold

Allows administrators to assign identified users to special policies which align with Legal Hold requirements.

Backup to cloud storage with an
on-premise backup server?

Hybrid approach allows endpoint backup setup that is controlled from an on-premise server and backing up to cloud storage of choice.

The Parablu Advantage

End-to-End Encryption

Parablu’s BluVault applies industrial-strength encryption on backup data streams, both during transit and at rest. With end-to-end encryption, you can be assured that your data is safe wherever it’s stored and all along the way.

Full, Incremental, and Partial File Incremental backup

Take an initial full backup and only backups up incrementally changed data subsequently. Files bigger than a certain threshold are further processed using our Partial File Incremental backup algorithm which only transmits the changed portions of such files (like PSTs).

Zero-Knowledge Privacy

BluVault is built on the tenet of Zero-Knowledge Privacy which is designed to ensure that your data can be accessed by you and no one else – not the cloud vendor, not Parablu, not a regulatory authority, or a foreign government. Only your organization.

Zero-Trust Security

BluVault seamlessly fits into your Zero Trust Security model. All data flows on secure channels, using TLS 1.2 with strong ciphers and you need to allow only port 443. We integrate with Identity Managers like Azure Active Directory and Okta, augmented with multi-factor authentication protection. Parablu’s solutions embody the principle of least privilege at every level of our stack.

BluKrypt™ Assurance

BluVault is powered by BluKrypt™, our proprietary, patented privacy enhancement technology that enables a secure storage container in which all backup data is shredded, encrypted, and versioned. It is an unbelievably high bar to scale for a potential attacker and is designed to provide our customers with unparalleled data protection.

Keep Insider Threats at bay

Data losses can be accidental, but sometimes also malicious. Threats to your files could come in the form of a mischievous or disgruntled employee sometimes. Stay ahead of malicious deletions by backing your data up safely with BluVault.

Higher data security, privacy, and confidentiality

BluVault combined with BluKrypt, Parablu’s Privacy Gateway, not only enables powerful encryption but also enforces a strict separation of duties. BluKrypt obfuscates file and folder names completely as well as performs file shredding, before writing backup data to local storage targets. With BluVault, you can be sure your enterprise data is safe.

Scalable global solution

Distributed workforce? No problem. BluVault works across different global locations while allowing convenient and centralized policy administration. It has built-in elasticity, redundancy, and failover to ensure have we’ve got your back at all times. We also support enforcing data locality/data sovereignty requirements if required by regulations.

Protection From Ransomware

BluVault is designed to protect you from ransomware attacks by ensuring that a copy of your data is always available to you – safe and secure. In case of an attack, you can use BluVault’s “point-in-time” technology to simply ‘rewind’ back to a time prior to the attack and  restore your data.  You don’t have to be held hostage by the attacker.

BluVault Customer Success Stories


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