Helping customers achieve GDPR compliance

Ensure a sound Data Protection and Data Management strategy with Parablu.

Helping customers achieve GDPR compliance

Ensure a sound Data Protection and Data Management strategy with Parablu.

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GDPR Compliance Requirements

Whether or not you are an EU-based business, complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is no more optional. The GDPR, which is possibly the world’s most comprehensive directive on data protection and data privacy, went into effect on May 25, 2018.  Today, it is in the best interest of all forward-thinking, data-driven organizations to  achieve GDPR compliance as quickly as possible and set the bar high for industry best practices.Among other things, ensuring a fully-encrypted data backup is one of the critical requirements for GDPR compliance.

Global Implications

GDPR affects business both in the EU as well as outside of the EU, if they are capturing data of EU subjects.

Heavy Penalties

The penalty for non-compliance can be as high as 4% of annual revenue or €20 million – whichever is higher.

Radical Reform

GDPR articles mandate radical reform in business policies that govern data protection, data backup, and recovery.

Why is Backup Important for GDPR?

GDPR defines, data breach as “a breach of security leading to the accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, personal data transmitted, stored, or otherwise processed.”

However, a business with “appropriate technical and organizational protection measures” that “render the data unintelligible to any person who is not authorized to access it, such as encryption” will find themselves on the right side of the law.

To better manage risks and meet compliance, data-driven organizations must orchestrate a robust data backup strategy  that ensures all personal data is kept safe and made tamper-proof.  Especially when using cloud storage, it is important that businesses rely on solutions that use strong encryption with a strict enforcement of segregation of duties. 

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BluVault: For GDPR Complaint Data Backup

BluVault is designed to keep your data safe in any cloud. Supported by BluKrypt™ – a secure container enabled by an enterprise-grade privacy gateway – data moves between your enterprise assets and the cloud, fully encrypted, and is kept secure even at rest.  By enforcing encryption with  clear segregation of duties, BluVault equips you with the ability to maintain a secure data repository and ensure quick and reliable data recovery in case of a breach, thus meeting the data backup best practices as articled under the GDPR.

Parablu Advantage

GDPR compliance-compliance requirements

Meet GDPR Compliance Requirements

Meet with the need to have a secure backup. Our solutions are designed to help you meet your regulatory compliance, including GDPR. Strong encryption combined with strict enforcement of Segregation of Duties ensures that you are in control of encryption keys at all times.

GDPR compliance-right to be forgotten

Right to be Forgotten

Employees may exercise their “Right to be Forgotten” and request deletion of their data from company records. Administrator Approved Deletion allows deletion of specific user files and folders from the organization’s backup storage.  All actions are audit-logged for compliance.

GDPR compliance-enforcing data locality

Enforcing Data Locality

Comply with regulatory requirements that need data in specific geographic localities to be preserved within their boundaries. Parablu’s data locality feature can constrain user backups to be streamed only to specifically allowed destinations.

Platform Features

GDPR compliance-Fully Encrypted Backup

Fully Encrypted Backup

Industrial strength encryption secures your data even as it travels in and out of your cloud storage environment. You control the encryption keys and the data, never us, never anybody else.

GDPR compliance-Policy-based automated backup

Policy-based automated backup

Designed to support and empower enterprise IT administrators by allowing them to exercise centralized control over backup features, access and use of the solution.

GDPR compliance-Auditable data trail

Auditable data trail

An audit log of all activity ensures that you can always go back and examine actions and identify individuals who were responsible for them. A must-have for GDPR compliance.

GDPR compliance-Transparent Reporting

Transparent Reporting

One-click activity reporting features on the dashboard ensure you can always track, and manage the movement of your data from wherever you are and identify risks.


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Get GDPR ready with Parablu

If you are in the process of exploring GDPR-compliant data protection solutions, we encourage you to sign up for a demo of our award-winning technology as well as solution bundles that will best match your data security needs.

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