Healthcare Data Backup Solutions

Parablu offers 100% HIPAA compliant backup solution

Healthcare Data Backup Solutions

Parablu offers 100% HIPAA compliant backup solution

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Secure, fast and scalable HIPAA Compliant backup solutions

The modern healthcare sector is a highly networked environment. Patient information is recorded, shared and managed by a variety of entities simultaneously, often synchronously, and from a number of endpoints. However, an upward trend in healthcare data breach incidents affecting patient healthcare records and electronically protected health information has necessitated the need to institute better central data management policies and scalable measures that can safeguard data against unauthorized access, alteration, deletion, and manipulation.

Healthcare data breaches involving more than 500 records between 2009 and 2017

Healthcare records exposed between 2009 and 2017

Healthcare data breach incidents that were reported in 2017

*source: Hipaajournal
Using Parablu’s, HIPAA compliant backup solutions, you can enforce a safe and reliable endpoint data backup process that works enterprise-wide, across geographies.  BluVault’s HIPAA compliant backup service ensures that the data associated with your user endpoints are always available, easily restorable, kept tamper-proof, with integrity maintained.

BluVault: For Data Backup you can Trust

HIPAA compliant backup solutions - BluVault

Secure Backup on the Cloud

BluVault is designed to provide you with compliance-friendly, end-to-end secure data backup to the cloud. Supported by BluKrypt™ – a secure container enabled by a privacy gateway – data migrates to the cloud environment fully encrypted, kept secure in transit and at rest. Further supported by data compression and de-duplication, data backup to cloud happens fast, easily and reliably with BluVault.

BluVault Features

HIPAA compliant backup solutions - fully encrypted backup

Completely Encrypted Backup

Best-in-class encryption ensures your data is rendered undecipherable both in transit and at rest. Also, you control the encryption keys, never us, never anybody else.
HIPAA compliant backup solutions - Policy based scheduled backup

Policy-based Scheduled Backup

Designed to support and empower enterprise IT administrators by allowing them to exercise centralized control over backup features, access and use of the solution.
HIPAA compliant backup solutions - Transparent Reporting

Transparent Reporting

One-click activity reporting features on the dashboard ensure you can always track and manage the movement of your data from wherever you are, while the built-in audit logs help meet compliance.

Parablu Advantage

Secure Data Backup

Define backup parameters and schedule regular endpoint data backup to the cloud, even in low bandwidth conditions, thanks to network bandwidth optimization.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Parablu solutions are designed to meet the requirements of most global data protection and data privacy mandates, including HIPAA

Save on Storage Cost

Parablu’s ability to leverage storage subscriptions like OneDrive or Google Drive translates into you spending less on buying additional cloud storage, saving you as much as 70% in total costs.

The future of Healthcare is Data-driven

As we look to usher in the new age of healthcare, a set of resolute data security and data management practices will ensure that the data you collect and/or process – as a health care provider or health plan provider – is kept safe and reliably protected from digital threats, accidental loss, and alteration with 100% HIPAA compliant.

Empower your data security team with Parablu data backup solutions.
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