Securing Real Estate Data

Housing your prized data on-premise or on the cloud, have you thought of real estate data security?

Securing Real Estate Data

Housing your prized data on-premise or on the cloud, have you thought of real estate data security?

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Real Estate Data Security Solutions from Parablu

The Real Estate industry is driven by granular statistics of buyer behavior and trends. When your real estate data includes sensitive information which has the potential to overturn your business, it is imperative that you protect that data. With the average cost of a data breach estimated at $3.86 million per company, the real estate industry must start thinking about safeguarding data that can be misused by threat actors and ways to defend non-compliance fines. Backing up your real estate data makes it easier for you to stay ahead of ransomware and insider threats and it also helps you stay compliant with industry data-regulation standards.


Of data breaches are due to loss or theft of devices and the lack of backup


of real estate professionals believe that threats to their data will increase in the next five years


of real estate professionals believe that non compliance will be the biggest issue with data breaches

BluVault: For Data Backup you can Trust


-Secure Backup on the Cloud

BluVault is designed to address compliance in a  scaleable manner. Powered by BluKrypt™ – a secure container enabled by a privacy gateway, we make it a breeze to keep your data safe through.

– Data that migrates to the cloud environment fully encrypted, kept secure in transit and at rest.

– Data compression and de-duplication to enable fast and reliable backup

–  Protecting you from ransomware attacks by ensuring that a copy of your data is always available to you – safe and secure.


“In Parablu, we found the right solution for all our endpoint backup needs. Utilizing our Office 365 accounts for all our endpoint backups was something that we had not thought about. This has increased the ROI on our Office 365 subscriptions and BluVault as well!”

Hariharan SubramanianVice President – IT & Technology, Shriram Properties

“Parablu’s unique approach to endpoint backup, which can leverage end-user cloud storage subscriptions, is a real game-changer. ”

Dr. BatheiahChief Information Officer, Embassy Group

BluVault Features

real estate data-    Fully Encrypted Backup

Fully Encrypted Backup

Best-in-class encryption ensures all your data is rendered undecipherable both in transit and at rest. Also, you control the encryption keys at all times, never us, never anybody else.

real estate data-Policy-based Data Backup

Policy-based Data Backup

Designed to empower enterprise IT administrators and enforce centralized control over backup features, subscriptions, access and use of the platform.

  real estate data-Fight Insider - Threats

Fight Insider - Threats

Don’t be left surprised due to deliberate or accidental deletion of data. When Insider threats loom large, stay ahead of malicious deletions by backing your data up safely with BluVault.

Parablu Advantage

Beat High Costs

BluVault melds into your current cloud environment by making use of it in full capacity, thus reducing costs and helping you work around your current budgets and still keeping your data safe.

Compliance Ready

Real Estate sector is heavily monitored to check any misuse of data. BluVault helps you stay compliant through a safe copy of your data that is backed up at all times and also avoid hefty fines.

Data Protection

A solution that ensures encrypted data at rest and in flight. A secure environment that protects your data from malware and ransomware threats through easy backup and restore. 

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