Securing Insurance Industry

Minimize risk and protect data everywhere it resides with Parablu

Securing Insurance Industry

Minimize risk and protect data everywhere it resides with Parablu

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Insurance Industry Data Security Solutions from Parablu

Secure your firm’s data and in effect secure your goodwill. Customers are increasingly wary about where they share their personally identifiable information. This makes it imperative for an industry like insurance, that’s driven by credibility to safeguard its data. Our clients in the insurance industry are regularly plagued by the difficulty of storing and moving customer information safely. We help them scale their insurance data security requirements through our products.


Increase in insurance data breach reported by General Insurance companies


of major health insurance companies had a data breach in the past two years


of Insurance companies require 30 days for remediation of a data breach

BluVault: For Data Backup You Can Trust


Secure Backup on the Cloud

BluVault is designed to make your compliance requirements scaleable. Supported by BluKrypt™ – a secure container enabled by a privacy gateway, we make it a breeze to keep your data safe through :

– Data that migrates to the cloud environment fully encrypted, kept secure in transit and at rest.

-Data compression and deduplication, data backup to the cloud which is fast and reliable.

BluVault Features

Fully Encrypted Backup

Best-in-class encryption ensures all your data is rendered undecipherable both in transit and at rest. Also, you control the encryption keys at all times, never us, never anybody else.

Policy-based Data Backup

Designed to empower enterprise IT administrators and enforce centralized control over backup features, subscriptions, access and use of the platform.

Transparent Access Monitoring

One-click activity reporting features ensure you can always track and manage the movement of data while built-in audit logs help meet compliance.

Parablu Advantage

Data Retention & Backup

If your data policy requires you to save data over long-periods of time, we have a solution that will keep it safe in the process. We understand that your requirements can be unique, just like you.

Compliance Ready

Insurance industry has obligations to protect client information from misuse, interference and loss. Our solution helps you in your efforts towards that.  

Data Protection

A solution that ensures encrypted data at rest and in flight. A secure environment that protects your data from malware and ransomware threats through easy backup and restore. 

Ensure Security, Integrity & Privacy of your Data

Complacency is one of the biggest risks facing Insurance companies today. As instances of digital attacks grow and adapt to modern defensive controls, being proactive about safeguarding data in every possible way is necessary. To that effect, secure endpoint backup is a step in the right direction.

Empower your data security team with Parablu data backup solutions.
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