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Secure Backup for VDI

Minimize risk and protect data while your employees Work From Home

Protecting Virtual Desktop Devices (VDI)

While digital transformation was already on the cards for most organizations, the global pandemic has propelled it into the fast lane. Moving to the cloud has now become more imperative than ever before. Organizations realize that even after the worst of the pandemic is behind us, the stark reality is that a portion of their workforce will most likely continue to function from home.  In such a situation, businesses are questioning the wisdom of entrusting employees with high performing compute devices – which have to be supported, patched, secured, and eventually replaced. 

 Why not use a standard web browser and access a secure, company authorized, compute device in the cloud?

Protect Data in Your Virtual Desktop Devices

Secure VDI

Secure Your Virtual Desktop Devices (VDI)

One aspect of digital transformation that impacts end-user computing in a fundamental way is a centralized desktop infrastructure also called Desktop Virtualization.  In a basic sense, what this means is that the end user computing, storage, and applications are all moved to the cloud – with the user accessing the resources using a regular web browser. 

You can implement a Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure using on-premise VDI solutions or use a cloud-hosted DaaS (Desktop as a Service).  Remember that in either case, the responsibility for protecting the data on the virtualized desktops still remains with the organization.  Whether you backup your end-user systems for regulatory compliance, to fight ransomware, or to defend against malicious deletion, you will need to protect your virtualized desktop devices for the same reasons.

Whether you choose on-premise VDI solutions or DaaS, Persistent or Non-Persistent images, Pooled or Personal images – or any combination thereof – Parablu is here to help.  With our suite of solutions which includes Endpoint Backups, Enterprise File Synchronization, and SaaS Backups – we have you covered.


BluVault for Secure VDI

Secure VDI - User Privacy and Self-Service

User Privacy and Self-Service

If you have deployed VDI with on-premise infrastructure, it may be tempting to simply backup the VDI server centrally.  But, if you wish to make the solution self-service and preserve user privacy you should consider a solution that backs up user data and stores it insulated from other users.  Each user should have the ability to browse, search, review and restore/download the files they need from the backup.  They shouldn’t have to ask an Administrator, nor risk an administrator (or other user) viewing their files – even if only to recover them.

Secure VDI - Reliable Data Sync

Reliable Data Sync

If you are opting for a Non-Persistent or Pooled VDI solutions, make sure you have a reliable way to persist user data.  If you are an MS Office 365 customer, for instance – you may ask users to store all their data in OneDrive for Business. If you don’t have an option of that type, Parablu’s BluSync™ can help.  BluSync™ will synchronize end-user data in real-time to a central repository while users are working and re-synchronize the data back to the new Secure VDI image when they come back to work the next day.

Secure VDI - SaaS Data Protection

SaaS Data Protection

If you are a Microsoft Office 365 user and have chosen to use OneDrive to synchronize end-user data in between VDI sessions, make sure to have a backup of the OneDrive repository in the cloud.  Just because the data is in the cloud doesn’t mean it is safe – you still require a backup.  Parablu’s BluVault for Office 365 can help make a safe copy of your users’ OneDrive data to an alternate cloud location.

Important Reasons to Protect Your Virtual Desktop Devices

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve Regulatory Compliance by retaining data for the required time periods, and produce reports to show audit teams evidence of compliance. Flexible policies allow you to configure retention and control how long older data needs to be preserved. You can also use the Legal Hold feature to extend retention indefinitely for specific users.

Defend against Malicious deletion

Defend against Malicious deletion

Having a scheduled backup run daily or multiple times a day means that you have an up-to-date copy of all user data in our searchable vault. Never worry about a malicious deletion by a disgruntled employee, or someone causing damage before leaving your organization. BluVault has you covered.

Protection From Ransomware

Protection From Ransomware

BluVault is designed to protect you from ransomware attacks by ensuring that a copy of your data is always available to you – safe and secure. In case of an attack, you can simply point back to a point-in-time previous to the attack, and restore your data and not be held hostage by the attacker.

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