Now Ransomware attacks don’t have to become panic attacks!

Introducing Ransomware Defense Suite. 

  • Unusual Activity Detection
  • Point-in-time Recovery
  • Cloud-Cloud Recovery
  • Rapid Restore
  • File & Device Quarantine






Why Parablu’s Ransomware Defense Suite is the need of the hour for Enterprises

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BluVault – Business. Uninterrupted.

Parablu’s Ransomware Defense Suite with BluVault Backup-as-a-Service helps protect businesses from ransomware attacks by enabling early detection, rapid data access, and reduced downtime. Try BluVault to secure your business.

 Unusual Activity Detection

Protect your backups with advanced ransomware detection features. The Ransowmware Defense Suite is equipped with advanced Machine Learning algorithms to data behavior and identify anomalies that may indicate a ransomware infection. If detected, you’ll be immediately alerted and able to take action to protect your data. Enjoy added peace of mind knowing your backups are secure.

 Point-in-time Recovery

Experience data restoration like never before with Parablu. Our technology allows you to revert to a previous point in time and recover data before a ransomware attack. Be confident in the knowledge that you can restore the most recent, clean copy of data impacted by an attack. Protect your data and restore with confidence with Parablu.

 Cloud-Cloud Recovery

Experience fast data recovery with Parablu’s cloud-cloud restore feature. BluVault allows recovery directly from the Parablu backup tenant to the user’s cloud-based OneDrive account, eliminating limitations in network bandwidth due to ISPs, WiFi and other irritants. With BluVault, you can bid goodbye to frustrating, time-consuming restore operations.

Rapid Restore

BluVault’s Rapid Data Restore feature is one of the key features in the Ransomware Defense Suite. In the event of an attack, this feature allows you to provide key business users quick and near instant access to their data without waiting for long data recovery operations to complete. BluVault’s de-hydrated file feature allows a quick “first-pass” restore to complete while the file re-hydration occurs in the background. During this time. user requests for data are satisfied immediately and out-of-band.

File & Device Quarantine

Keep your systems safe with BluVault’s File and Device Quarantine feature. This data security measure automatically isolates suspect files and devices, preventing the potential spread of malware and allowing security teams to safely assess, analyze, and address an attack

With BluVault – Business. Uninterrupted. You don’t need to negotiate with hackers


Rapid Restore

BluVault – Data Resiliency Done Right

 Cloud Agnostic

BluVault gives enterprises the freedom to choose the right cloud storage vendor for their needs, without having to worry about vendor lock-in. With BluVault, you can choose from leading cloud vendors like Azure Blob, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Object Storage, and even OneDrive & Google Drive!

 Zero Storage Costs

With the ability to use your existing OneDrive or Google Drive space, BluVault can help you reduce TCO dramatically. In fact the cost of cloud storage to save your backup data can literally be ZERO and the reduction in TCO can be as much as 70% over a 3-5 year period!

 Own Your Encryption Keys

BluVault, powered by BluKrypt, uses industrial strength encryption along with a strict enforcement of ‘separation of duties’ to keep your data safe. Backup data is thoroughly encrypt and deliberately obfuscated before it is stored in the cloud. You maintain control of your encryption keys, and retain the ability to change them at any time.

 Regulatory Compliance

Achieve compliance with regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, NYDFS, and GDPR using BluVault’s data backup and restore features.

 Threat Protection

BluVault keeps your data safe from ransomware attacks, insider threats, and other vulnerabilities that could cause data loss. Inform your cyberinsurance provider of the fact that you’re using BluVault and reduce your cyberinsurance premiums!.

 A modern, ‘designed for the cloud’ solution

Delivered as a ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 compliant, cloud-hosted service, BluVault can be manged centrally from a single pane of glass. Intuitive, configurable policies help you optimize and automate the backup process. Automatically scheduled processes identify changes, compress, de-duplicate, and encrypt data before recording to cloud storage.