Success Story

“How Wipro cracked the code on
leveraging the public cloud”

secure backup - wipro

Recently, Wipro with over a 100,000 employees was posed with a troubling problem – backups of data contained on their employee desktops and laptops.

Read more to learn how the organization maximized its return from its public cloud with Parablu’s secure backup solution.

Access Case Study

We use Parablu’s BluVault to protect data on several thousand user endpoints across our organization. BluVault backs up our data to Cloud storage. It has helped us effectively address a widespread concern that corporations share worldwide, about security of data on the Cloud.  By using Zero Knowledge Encryption, we have ensured that all the data is encrypted before it reaches the Cloud. This also gives control to customers over the encryption keys. One of the great advantages about BluVault is its ability to harness the organization’s existing OneDrive user subscriptions as a storage vault for data backups.”

Saravana Kumar Nagarajan

Cluster Head - IT Management Group, Wipro Technologies, Chennai