Vision & Values

With Drulogic Technologies, Indian business will be able to harness the full potential of technology, that is available today. We aim to offer the latest and the best in technology, to our customers, our business partners and our resellers in India. With our rich and enduring partnerships with some of the best technology manufacturers world wide, we aim and strive to be the only “True VAD” Value Added Distributor in the country.

Drulogic Technologies will focus to further enhance the success of its business partners, technology vendors, resellers, employees, stakeholders and its investors while embracing its core values of innovation, integrity and responsibility. We always remain, committed to these values to guide our decisions and our behaviors.

  • Innovation

We constantly strive to improve ways and means to deliver value to our customers, our stakeholders, our technology partners, our product vendors and our business partners by anticipating demand and deliver them before we are asked to.

  • Integrity

We maintain the highest level of business ethics, by demonstrating transparency and fairness in every action, every time and everywhere.

  • Responsibility

We will constantly strive to produce results that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers, business partners, resellers, employees, all stakeholders and our investors. As a team, we accept our responsibilities to meet our commitments.

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