NEC can respond quickly to the changing needs of our customers through our state-of-the-art Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies, SDN research, pioneering SDN products, experience and expertise in implementing and verifying SDN technologies, as well as our position as a world-class IT and network solution provider


NEC is the first company in the world to offer SDN products, and we have succeeded in implementing a large number of SDN solutions.

NEC has been aware of the possibilities of SDN since the beginning. We were one of the original members of Stanford University’s Clean Slate Program when it was established in January 2008. This program became the launchpad for the development of SDN architecture and the OpenFlow protocol(*). NEC subsequently became the world’s first vendor to market SDN products. More than 100 customers are already using our SDN solutions.(*)
OpenFlow: A standard protocol upon which SDN is based.

Creating a rich lineup of SDN solutions that leverage our comprehensive IT and networking solution capabilities

NEC is one of the few companies in the world that has world-class technological capabilities and experience as a system provider in both the IT and network fields.
Our world-beating technological strength, know-how, and human resources have been honed over many years of constructing large-scale systems and networks for companies and telecom carriers in many different business fields, both in Japan and around the world. These strengths set us apart from our competitors because we not only offer infrastructure building expertise, but also provide SDN solutions that fuse advanced IT and network technologies. This allows us to create innovative solutions for a wide range of customers, from corporations and government agencies to data center operators and telecom carriers. NEC’s state-of-the-art solutions help our customers overcome existing challenges and create new business opportunities.
Stratoscale Symphony is an enterprise private cloud with a full SDDC, supporting compute, storage and networking virtualization, all tightly integrated into a single, easy to use product. Symphony is self-balancing, self-healing and supports multi-tenant and multi-project deployments, with self-service portals for efficient provisioning and management of all activities.


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