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Data utilized during daily business comes with the risk of exposed to hardware failures and disasters such as fire. To protect data from such risks and ensure business continuity, a secure data backup solution is necessary. In addition, and also from a compliance perspective, long-term data storage is a mandatory demand.

HS Series

The HS Series is a next-generation secondary storage solution based on advanced grid storage technology, which is different from the conventional tape-based backup or disk-based backup technologies.

* NEC Storage HS series is sold as HYDRASTOR® in the United States of America.


Key Point

Disk-based backup products aim to achieve both the high-speed processing capability of disk and the cost advantage of tape-based backup systems. They are suitable for backing up data that can be highly compressed or data that requires generation management, as well as for storing data for a long period of time. By replicating the compressed data to a remote location, effective measures against disasters can be accomplished while keeping network costs low.

NEC Storage HS grid architecture, which incorporates multiple nodes into a mesh, allows you to add nodes without the need for system downtime and freely scale up processing capability as well as storage capacity. Additionally, with the “automatic optimal configuration” feature, data migration, when adding and removing nodes, is automatically processed. These technologies enable system upgrades that require fewer man-hours compared to that required when implementing an entire new solution.

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NEC M – Series SAN

M Series SAN Storages are the best suited to the SAN infrastructures as they are designed to satisfy the needs such as virtualization, cloud environment and low-power operation.

New NEC M-Series Storage with enhanced performance and improved features emerging as the preferred choice for virtualized Infrastructure

Demands on Storage Units

  • Continual performance enhancement for virtualization, cloud and big data environment.
  • Reduction of storage management workload with virtualization technology.
  • Efficient data management with hybrid storage and data tiering.
  • Dramatic reduction in power consumption by storage units supporting environmental awareness.
  • Ensure continuous operations in the face of unforeseen failures.
  • Reduce the cost of storing ever-increasing amounts of business data.
  • Increase operational efficiency through robust integration with server virtualization
  • Construct a disaster response site to prepare for earthquakes and fires.

The ever increasing growth of data mandates IT reforms by implementing virtualized and cloud based environments. This drastically changing environment requires a storage unit designed with these changes in mind. NEC’s M Series storages have been developed to satisfy these needs by bringing together high reliability technology, functional software, and tools to maximize productivity of virtualized and cloud environments.

M Series provides high performance and high availability to support business continuity, advanced eco-friendly performance to reduce power consumption and cooling costs, easy installation and operation to reduce management workload, and economic efficiency to meet today’s TCO demands to store and archive data. M Series utilizes advanced storage virtualization technologies

Such as thin provisioning, data allocation optimization leveraging high-speed solid state drive (SSD), and volume management which are compatible with server virtualization.

M Series offers a diverse product line including basis models (M110 & M310), high performance models (M510 & M710), hybrid version of models and All Flash Storage ( M310F & M710F) optimized for SSD to achieve higher performance and faster response, all developed to respond to the needs of the next generation infrastructures.

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