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Amanda Enterprise:

Explosive data growth, combined with demanding requirements for data availability, has placed a tremendous burden on IT operations staff at businesses of all sizes.
Amanda Enterprise is designed to address these challenges–providing a backup and recovery solution that combines fast installation, simplified management, enterprise-class functionality, and low-cost subscription fees. As an open source product, Amanda Enterprise only uses standard formats and tools — effectively freeing you from being locked into a vendor to recover your archived data.

  • Centralized Management for Heterogeneous Environments : Backup and recover a few, dozens, or even hundreds of Linux, Solaris, Windows, VMware, and Mac computers, as well as your databases and applications, using one web-based management console.
  • Powerful Enterprise-Class Protection with Radically Simple Administration : Advanced features – such as Amanda Enterprise’s unique intelligent scheduler and point-and-click restore – further speed and simplify operations.
  • Wide Platform and Application Support : Amanda Enterprise supports Linux, Solaris, Windows, VMware, and Mac OS X clients. Amanda also protects databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, and the data in e-mail applications including Microsoft Exchange.
  • Open Source: Industry Standards Industry standard data formats allow you the flexibility to recover your data with or without Amanda Enterprise being installed.
  • Low Cost of Ownership Reduce your IT costs with subscription fees that are up to 80 percent less than licensing costs for competitive products. Simplified and centralized operations improve administrator productivity, further reducing the cost of ownership.

Features & Benefits:

  • Scalable Architecture – A single backup server can back up and recover dozens of computers and scale to hundreds. 
  • Backup Fault Tolerance – Architecture of Amanda Enterprise allows it to keep running even in the face of multiple faults.
  • Flexible Media Options – Choose from a wide range of media for backup, including tape, tape libraries, disks (DAS, NAS, SAN, RAID), optical jukeboxes, and online storage.
  • Internet / Cloud Storage using Amazon S3 – Amanda Enterprise’s Amazon S3 Storage Option is the only Solution today, that offers online data backup using cloud computing to backup, archive, and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the Internet. And, it is backed by Amazon´s 99.9% service level agreement.
  • Rapid Installer – The Rapid Installer lets you install and configure your backup and recovery environment in minutes.
  • Intelligent Scheduler – A unique scheduler automatically determines backup levels to optimize network and storage usage.
    • Increase administrator productivity
    • Reduce storage costs
  • Automated Data Retention and Disposition Policy – Amanda Enterprise allows you to automate your data retention and disposition policy, setting the stage for effective compliance management and e-discovery.
  • Holding Disks – Backups are staged to one or more “holding disks”, allowing later migration to tape or other media. Multiple clients can be backed simultaneously to the same holding disk to improve performance and reduce the total backup time.
  • Flexible Recovery – Recovering files is quick and easy with Amanda Enterprise.
    • Cross-platform restore
    • Option to use standard tools
  • Layered Security – Many layers of security ensure that backup data, communications, and access to the backup process itself are all secured.
    • Role-based access & authentication
    • Standard encryption
    • Support for extended file attributes

Comprehensive Backup Reporting – Amanda Enterprise provides comprehensive reports for quick discovery of problems, capacity planning and compliance management, helping you to meet the business objectives of data protection.

The figure represents a comparison of initial purchase costs across the three platforms for the following configuration: one backup server on Linux, 15 Backup clients spread equally across Windows, Linux, and Solaris, support for backup to disk (1TB), and support for a tape library with two drives and 40 slots.


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