Drulogic Work Culture:
At Drulogic Technologies, It is our people who define our culture. We work as one team in delivering our commitments to our customers, our business partners, vendors, resellers, employees, all stakeholders and our investors. It is our collective team spirit, enthusiasm and energy that would serve as the basis for what would make us a successful organization. We are part of a passionate and hard-working team that knows to enjoy work and have fun. We enjoy a working environment, where all are encouraged to contribute with new ideas. Our people love and thrive on change. We appreciate the value of being in a business environment where we are constantly learning, and keep ourselves motivated even more because we know we are part of a team where everyone’s ideas and contributions are recognized through formal and informal programs. We live by our core values, which are the unifying tenets for Drulogic Technologies.

  • Innovation

We constantly strive to improve ways and means to deliver value to our customers, our stakeholders, our technology partners, our product vendors and our business partners by anticipating demand and deliver them before we are asked to.

  • Integrity

We maintain the highest level of business ethics, by demonstrating transparency and fairness in every action, every time and everywhere.

  • Responsibility

We will constantly strive to produce results that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers, business partners, resellers, employees, all stakeholders and our investors. As a team, we accept our responsibilities to meet our commitments. All of these are what makes us one of the best organizations to work for, whether you’re launching or growing your career. At Drulogic Technologies, you will build and enhance your capabilities to new levels that will be rewarding to you both personally and professionally.

Drulogic Rewards:
Our multiple rewards and talent recognition program recognizes employees whose exceptional performance embrace the core values of Drulogic Technologies. Our rewards and recognition include:

  • Informal Recognition and Rewards – Well done…!

At Drulogic Technologies, we strongly believe in creating a culture of recognition by introducing a daily recognition program for our employees. Daily, an informal and positive feedback is highly meaningful and encouraging. It is an useful tool to recognize and reward less tangible contributions, and good efforts that may lead to excellent results in future. It is a highly effective way to show appreciation and build an environment of cooperation in the team. We encourage employees at every level to recognize and reward their co-worker, colleagues either through verbal encouragement, written notes or other suitable means for going “out of the way” beyond their duties in helping an internal or external customer while demonstrating any of the core values of Drulogic Technologies.

  • Formal Recognition and Rewards

At Drulogic Technologies, formal recognition and rewards are, tools that help to create a work environment where our employees feel valued and motivated. Employees are rewarded for attaining tangible results related to improvement or growth of the business, while demonstrating any of Drulogic Technologies Values. We introduce various programs that add fun, variety and innovation by using monthly, quarterly and annual meetings and special events to honor award winners.

  • Incentive Plans

Drulogic Technologies has also introduced unique incentive based plans to reward our team for contributing to and achieving our business goals and objectives.

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